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      Delay relay type

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      Delay relay type

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      The time delay relay is composed of crystal oscillator, frequency divider, setting switch, drive circuit and power supply circuit. When the applied voltage rated delay relay, time delay instantaneous relay internal relay and the two relay instantaneous, electric switch, and the power supply circuit and the timing circuit in a state of loss of power, in order to improve the anti-interference performance of the relay, when the input voltage is greatly reduced or completely disappeared, instantaneous relay instantaneous return (two delay implementation of relay is still in operation state), instantaneous contact also returns, the energy storage power supply timing circuit, crystal oscillator clock pulse after frequency dividing 10ms timing pulse counter for timing pulse counting, when the total number of pulses and setting switch values, drive the implementation of relay return, completed after the power delay return function.

      Time delay relay is mainly used in DC or AC operation of various protection and automatic control circuit, as an auxiliary relay, to increase the number of contacts and contact capacity. Can be adjusted according to the needs of the time delay.

      Common time delay relays are air bag and electronic, as well as watch.

      The air bag type is used to delay the execution of the air in the air bag after the electromagnet is started.

      Electronic electronic circuit to delay the execution of instructions. Relay manufacturers

      These two kinds of time delay relays are all the points, the control time is not long and the precision is not high, and it is often used in the boiler operation and the delay of the motor.

      Time delay relay type, using the escapement clock to control the release time like spring, high precision.

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