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      Common fault types and diagnostic methods of relay

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      Common fault types and diagnostic methods of relay

      Release date:2020-01-16 The author: Click on:

      First, contact loose back cracking

      Relay contact is the electrical contact parts switch load, contact some products by riveting press fit, the major problem is the contact contact cracking or loosening, dimension and position deviation is too large. This will affect the reliability of relay contact.

      There is a little loose out, with some dimensions of the reed and the contact is not reasonable or the operator of the riveting pressure regulating improper.

      Contact cracking is caused by too high hardness or too much pressure. For different contact materials by the process of different materials, contact some materials with high hardness to be annealed in contact, manufacturing, riveting or welding.

      Contact manufacturing should be careful, because the material has a tolerance exists, so the length of each cut after the test touch. Contact should not appear in the flash, pad and not full phenomenon.

      Partial contact rivet is not in touch with the operator will be correct, under the touch of misaliagment. The contact damage and pollution, is not clean up oil pollution and iron and other objects touch out caused by the.

      Stakeholders summary:

      Contact erosion.

      The load switch contacts more sensitive, to break the inductive load moment, it will produce energy savings potential anti high contact on the ends, the air gap breakdown contact formed between the spark, electrolysis, the contact surface caused by depression, caused by poor contact, or two contacts together can not be separated thus, causing a short circuit. The utility model can be used to prevent the electric erosion between the contacts, such as the setting of a resistance spark extinguishing circuit, and the establishment of a resistance capacitance and fire extinguishing flower circuit.

      Contact dust.

      Dust and dirt will be deposited in the relay contact, the contact surface will form a layer of black oxide film, cause the relay contact, therefore need to be cleaned regularly to contact, can use carbon tetrachloride liquid, so as to ensure good contact performance of contacts.

      Two, relay parameters unstable relay manufacturers

      The electromagnetic relay is riveted with a considerable part of the parts, the main problems are riveting loose or poor bonding strength. This kind of fault will cause the relay parameters to be unstable, and the parameters change greatly at high and low temperature. The cause of this problem is mainly to be riveted over parts, improper placement, touch with unqualified or inaccurate installation. Therefore, careful inspection of touch with and whether it meets the requirements in the riveting riveting parts before.

      Three, the electromagnetic riveting deformation system

      The difficulties caused by the riveting parts bending, twisting, upsetting the black to the next step of assembly or adjustment, or even cause scrap. Why this problem is too short or long parts riveting, riveting force is not uniform, touch assembly deviation or design of a size error, improper placement of parts. In the riveting operation, workers should first check the parts size, appearance, touch is accurate, if not installed in touch with deformation, will affect the assembly quality or core electromagnetic system upsetting.

      Four, glass insulator damage

      The glass insulator is made of metal and glass sintered pins, pins, easy to appear in the inspection, assembly, adjustment, transportation, cleaning the glass insulator block, bending, cracking, which caused a decline in insulation and pressure resistance and leakage, will cause rotation pin contact spring displacement, reliable on-off effect of products. The whole process which requires the assembly of the operator in the relay production in tohandlegentlyand, parts should be neatly arranged on the transfer box, assembled or adjusted, not allowed the pins or reverse.

      Five, coil fault

      Relay with a wide variety of coil, there are outsourcing, there is no outsourcing, the coil should be separated from a single piece placed in a special device, if the collision is connected, in the separation will cause disconnection. In the electromagnetic riveting system, hand press and press pressure adjustment should be moderate, too much stress caused by the coil wire or coil frame cracking, distortion, winding breakdown. The pressure is too small will cause the winding loose, magnetic loss increases. Multiwinding coil is generally used in different colors or lead. Welding, should pay attention to distinguish, otherwise it will cause the coil welding wrong. There are initial end requirements

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