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      Structural characteristics of AC and DC relays

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      Structural characteristics of AC and DC relays

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      AC and DC relay relay is widely used two kinds of electrical appliances factory in different occasions using different relays, if can not accurately grasp the differences between them, are likely to be electrical failure, affecting the production operation.

      AC relay structure characteristics of AC relay manufacturers

      The coil of the AC relay is short, and the wire diameter thick, is mainly because the coil with alternating current, larger reactance, line diameter can reduce the internal resistance, reduce heat, and the alternating current zero will cause the coil electromagnetic force decrease, attraction is not strong, the vibration phenomenon, so in the part of the magnet attracting surface of the short ring road, in the magnetic field changes, the formation of eddy current in the short circuit ring, and the formation of electromagnetic force opposite changes in the magnetic field direction, hysteresis magnetic changes, make the electromagnet can pull.

      Two, DC relay structure

      The DC relay is connected to DC will be generated when the coil line reactance, so the DC relay diameter is relatively small, mainly in order to increase the resistance, prevent the approximate short-circuit phenomenon, because when the heat is larger, so do the relay is higher, longer, mainly to the cooling effect is good.

      Three, alternating current relay and DC relay swap

      AC relay which is connected to DC power, due to the direct current when no inductance and line diameter and short, small internal resistance, through the current large, easy to burn out coil.

      DC relay alternating current flowing in the relay coil diameter, thin and long, internalresistance, plus through greater inductance of alternating current, the coil is not normal is not working properly.

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